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Graphic Design
In 1999 following college, I started my career in graphic design at a toy company. Since then I have worked with large corporations, name brands, non-profits and small businesses. I am currently working and residing in the Denver area.

Artist Statement - Paintings
I grew up on fifteen acres in Iowa, planting trees and creating whatever I would like. My father was a horticulturalist and my mother was a wildlife painter. My childhood was unique and creative, but it wasn’t until 2008 that it played a new chord. That summer I was in Iowa helping my parents move, when the 500-year flood hit Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. I drove down familiar streets where every house was empty and practically destroyed from the flood - furniture and heirlooms on the street waiting for the city garbage men to claim. I captured photos of weeds, wild plants and trees my father had planted when I was in a child, and when I moved to New Mexico later this became the basis of my new work.

The paintings started out as a way of expressing loss, even though that may not be directly shown. One day I took photos of weeds that were in a ditch and the next day the farmer had mowed everything down. All that remained was brown, dried kindling. To me that was loss of the wild, unpredictable and free. That is the beginning of the evolution of my work, but not the end.

Each painting is carefully hand made, and I am interested in finding a new interpretation and meaning behind each one. I approach everything with an experimental attitude, and try to find a new and more minimal way to express the old.

I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 1998 with a BA in Art. In addition, I have taken several classes at Central Community College of New Mexico and have had a subscription to www.lynda.com since August 2013. To see my complete resume and background, please visit my linkedIn page.